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Terms of use for Microinvest USB flash drive

This USB flash drive is the key for Microinvest software programs’ registration. The USB flash drive is used only for licensed software products purchased and installed on your computer and does not serve as memory stick. This hardware license needs to be placed in USB port of the computer that has the program installed in order to license the products. If the flash drive is removed, the programs proceed to demonstration mode.

This flash drive eliminates the necessity of license transfer in case of pre-installation, hard disk formatting, operation system change or computer change. No additional actions are required because the key is active and the products remain registered after subsequent USB flash drive placement.

The license numbers from the registration card for products from the Pro edition need to be inserted a single time in the Help/Register menu.

If the USB flash drive is lost, the product license is lost as well. In this case they could be repurchased according to the Microinvest price list.